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The variety of scenery in Sharjah is a major attraction for tourist groups from all over the world. The beautiful desert of Sharjah attracts visitors, who are impressed by the vastness and charm of the desert.

Desert driving is an art in its own right. There is plenty of sand within 10 minutes of the city to practice on , but please keep to the tracks. One of the most popular sand driving areas is around and over Fossil Rock, turn right at the first round about in Al David and onto the Madam road.

If you should get stuck, let air out of the tyres (down to 15 psi, if necessary ), clear wheels of sand, make the area firm with a mat or dead branches, low ratio, low revs, foot off the clutch and everyone should push.

Always carry a tow rope and shovel and travel in a convoy of at least 2 cars. Don't forget to refill your tyres at the first opportunity. Desert driving courses are run by the tour operators.

Wadi bashing is aptly named as it involves bouncing over rocks and boulders in difficult terrain, traversing streams and often coming unstuck, or is it stuck! An experience not to be missed and often one that is talked about for days after. There is nothing better than to take a picnic, find some water and relax for the afternoon.

A wadi is technically a dry river bed. In times of heavy rainfall, a wadi is not the place to be as Flash Floods do occur. Water builds up in the mountains and is released in a wall of water, which gushes down the valley taking boulders, palm trees and even vehicles with it.

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