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Under instructions by HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, the Municipality of Sharjah allocates a substantial proportion of its budget and directs the efforts of its engineers and personnel, to transform Sharjah into a beautiful park, not only through allocating plots of land, but also by planning extra wide streets allowing ample space for islets of lush greenery and trees, in order to provide a relaxing environment to residents and users of the streets.

Sharjah National Park

Sharjah's largest park of 630,000 sq. mt., is beautifully maintained with well established trees and spacious lawns providing a perfect setting for a walk or picnic.

Barbecue facilities and benches are provided. Special areas for cycling and rollerblading, play areas, a duck pond and giant slide, combined with the miniature city of Sharjah, make this a major attraction for all the family. Plane spotters can have a ball as the airport is close by. Ice creams, drinks and snacks are available from the park shop.

Sharjah Municipality has extended the park to include a cycle track, horror tunnel, coffee shop and permanently installed barbecues. It has also built a miniature Sharjah City. The cycle track includes a horror tunnel combining caricatures and figurines lit up by flashing lights. There is also an infrared beam to squirt water on unsuspecting cyclists. The main aim of the cycle track is for the children's enjoyment but at the same time exercise.

The idea was envisaged by H. H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi as were the obstacles such as the log ladder, water jump and horror tunnel. They are proving to be a great success, judging by the amount of weekend visitors.

The cycles for hire vary in sizes and shapes to suit all ages. Overlooking the cycle track alongside the 'Giant Slide', a coffee shop was constructed in an original Arabic style. It incorporates seating for 30 people and supplies coffee and soft drinks.

The area around the 'Giant Slide' adjacent to the grass mound has been sprinkled with children's swings, spring rides, obstacle games and incorporates permanently installed barbecues for the use of visitors.

There is a miniature version of Sharjah city, 'Miniature Sharjah', which is made up of notable buildings of Sharjah on a smaller scale and Khalid Lagoon. On the lagoon there are remote control boats, three islands and bridges. The lagoon is surrounded by a safety fence. Within 'Miniature City ' there are remote control cars for children as well as a 'Dry Ski Slope', which is 30 meters high and 60 meters long.

Al Majaz Park

Covers over 300.00 sq.m. in a very important part of the city, located between Jamal Abdul Nasser Street and the Corniche of the Khalid Lagoon, a vital residential and commercial district.

The park is exquisitely landscaped and boasts several concrete monuments, palm trees, a fountain, flower beds and all the vital services needed by its visitors. The park has booths serving takeaway on the lakeside entrance.

Al Jazeira Park

A typical resort and one of Sharjah's most important touristic and recreational facilities, it covers 1,00,000 sq.m. inside Khaled lagoon.

The park features a fun city for children, a mini zoo, which shows visitors a variety of bird species as well as monkeys and deers, two swimming pools for adults and children an artificial waterfall, and a train, which carries children and adults throughout the park.

The facility also features a restaurant/ snack bar, offering its services at moderate prices. The view from the park across the lagoon offers breathtaking views of the Blue Souk, the Corniche and the Sharjah fountain.

Sharjah is truly a garden city now with its many parks inside and outside the city, including, just to name a few, Al Faiha'a, Al Musalla, Al Ettihad, Al Fisht and the desert and the National Parks Resorts.

More details about Sharjah Parks:


Al Majaz Park 4 pm to 9:30 pm
Friday : 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Abu Shagarah Park 3 pm onwards
Al Jazat Park 3 pm onwards
Al Hezam Al Akhadar Park (The Green Belt) 3 pm onwards
Maysalon Park 3 pm onwards
Al Telaa Park 3 pm onwards
Al Fishit Park 3 pm onwards
Al Fayhaa Park 3 pm onwards
Al Mansoura Park 3 pm onwards
Al Darari Park 3 pm onwards
Families Park 3 pm onwards
Al Sedrah Park 3 pm onwards
For family and children.
Sharjah National Park 4 pm to 10 pm
Friday: 10 am to 10 pm
Al Ittihad Square 3 pm onwards
Closed on Saturday. Monday only for Ladies and Children
Lake Khalid 3 pm onwards
Khor Fakkan Corniche 3 pm onwards
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