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  The Central Market (Blue Souq)
The Central Market (Blue Souq)

It is the biggest of Sharjah markets, built according to Islamic design. Its location on the famous Khaled Lagoon enhances its beauty and magnificence.

The market comprises of two wings connected with tunnels - like overhead bridges. One wing is designated for all kinds of goods, gifts and electronics, while the other is designated for a series of gold, gems and jewelry shops.

The Souq offers 600 air-conditioned shops to discover and an expansive area to stroll around. Wide central stairways and a number of narrow staircases, give access to the upper floors, which consist of close passages running along shop fronts.

The upstairs atmosphere is that of a real bazaar as opposed to the open plan ground floor. The feeling that one may stumble across a real find prevails.

The Central Souq is maintained by the Sharjah Municipality.

The upper floors (especially the ones closest to the Khaled Lagoon) are very popular with tourists. There are a number of antique and pseudo antique shops, a large selection of fine rugs, silver jewelry, Omani and Yemeni antique jewelry and subcontinent curios, artifacts and more.

The lower floors specialize in gold jewelry, precious stones, perfumes, textiles, cosmetics, cassettes, cameras, garments & other household items. New curio shops are opening all the time.

The side facing the Khaled Lagoon runs through 4 building blocks (Nos. 1, 4, 5, 8) offering : Jewelry (gold, silver, precious stones), Carpets and rugs Arts, crafts & curios, Antiques, Music tapes and CDs, Cameras and other photographic materials, Rosewood furniture, Perfumes and cosmetics, Tablecloths and household items, Money changers, etc.

The shops in the parallel side facing the King Faisal Mosque (Nos. 2, 3, 6, 7) sell: Textile and bridal items, Clothes and lingerie, Children's garments, Perfumes and cosmetics, Shoes, Handbags, Modern crafts, good quality winter woolens, Leather and suede jackets. Etc.

As you cross the two bridges linking the Souq, you will find silver shops, engravers, Yemeni jewelry and more.



Al Majaz, end of the Corniche Road, close to Khaled Lagoon

Description 600 assorted shops
Timings Daily ( except Friday ) 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 11 pm. Friday, closed from 12 noon to 4 pm

Available all around the Souq

Facilities Several shops sell fresh juices, crisps, popcorn and ice cream. Limited toilet facilities
Note All major credit cards, travelers checks & US$ accepted. Cash might give you better bargains.
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