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Etisalat provides all telecommunication services in the UAE.  Communication facilities are excellent within the Emirates and to international destinations.

Etisalat also provides GSM services, Data Services, Fax, Telex, Telegram, Payphone Facilities, Video Conference Service, Al Mersal Message Service, Clip Service, Calling Cards, Internet Services and Satellite Transmission.

Calls made within the same emirate are free of Charge.  Calls can also be made to other emirates at vary competitive charges.  Etisalat also offers International Dialing to many countries worldwide.  Off peak rates are applicable from 21:00 to 07:00 on weekdays and all day on Friday and public holidays.

Payphone (card or coin operated) can be found all over the city and often in close proximity to a park.  Prepaid calling cards in Dhs 30 denomination are available at Etisalat offices, supermarkets, pharmacies etc.  Coin operated phones take Dhs 1 and 50 fils.

Mobile Phones

There are three different mobile services and each has its own application form.  The completed form is submitted with the passport copy and an original document such as work permit or driving license for verification of identity.

'Normal GSM' is available for a subscription charge of Dhs 320.  This includes a connection charge of Dhs 200, the cost of a SIM Card Dhs 30 and first quarterly rental amounting to Dhs 90.  

Roaming service is available.  UAE national subscribers can obtain the roaming facility automatically at the time of subscription.  However, expatriates can get the facility by paying a deposit of Dhs 5,000.  Roaming enables the user to make and receive calls in most countries.  The user receives a bill each month.

'Wasel' is for GSM prepaid service which allows the user to make outgoing calls on a prepaid basis.  Incoming calls can be received at all times.  The subscription, valid for one year is Dhs 340 and this includes connection charges, cost of SIM card and one year rental.  Subscription can be renewed for each subsequent year at a cost of Dhs 200.

'Speak Easy' is a GSM mobile service geared towards visitors and tourists.  The card costs Dhs 300 and is valid for 2 months.  Local calls cost 80 fils per minute.  Normal IDD rates apply for international calls.



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