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"SEWA is committed to provide high quality supply of electricity, water and gas, and continuously develop our facilities to achieve the excellence in securing uninterrupted and reliable services that would meet the growing demand and exceed the future needs and expectations of our consumers."

SEWA has witnessed remarkable achievements that convoy the present and future development in all the essential Sectors of Life. The achievements already accomplished in electricity, water, and natural gas under the constant support and attention of H.H Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qassimi the Ruler of Sharjah, reflects the development and growth we have achieved.

As there is a solid interrelation between accomplishing achievements and provision of the distinguished manpower, SEWA is keen in selecting the qualified and competent cadres in various fields as well as the introducing technical and administrative training programs among its staff.

Moreover, SEWA is keen in deepening the concepts of Emiratizing the jobs through establishing the "Technical Vocational Institute" in 91.
What has been attained by SEWA from the unique and vital achievements and noticeable activities will definitely lead the country to a new era. It is to mention that what was been accomplished by SEWA reflects the bearing of the people of the country to the trustworthiness and the future convoying by all its facts and variables.

Since its inception, the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority has passed through various developments stages. First, its ownership was transferred from the private sector (Electricity & Water Supply Company) to the Government of Sharjah and it was renamed Sharjah Electricity & Water Department (SEWD). With the huge development witnessed at various social and economical fields throughout the Emirate, H.H. the Ruler of Sharjah has issued a farsighted decree on the establishment of the Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority.

The main aim of establishing the Authority as a public body enjoying a financial and administrative independence, is the provision of better advanced and efficient services of electricity, water and natural gas to the residents of Sharjah Emirate, satisfying the consumers' demands and meeting the increasing requirements of the ongoing social and economical developments as follows :-

Planning and implementing expansions and future projects to develop the services of electricity, water and natural gas.

The provision of electrical power to the consumers in Sharjah and meeting their increasing demands.

The development, production and supply of drinking water to consumers and meeting their increasing demands.

The distribution and supply of natural gas to the consumers and meeting their increasing demands.

Contact Details for
Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority
PO Box 135
PH: +971 (6) 5288888
FAX:+971 (6) 5288000


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